About Us

Our child care centre is dedicated to working with children and families to best meet your child’s needs.

About US

KIndytown ELC is a boutique family-owned business and is dedicated to providing high-quality and best-in-class learning and care experiences for your children and families. The Management and Staff of KindyTown Endeavour Hills Early Learning Centre warmly welcome you to our establishment. Our centre is committed to develop each and every child to their fullest potential, while giving consideration to their unique talamnts and needs.
We aim to provide all our families with a happy and safe environment to grow and learn!

Our Philosophy

Children are our future and they are the most precious assets and we take pride in partnering with learning and care needs in the vital early years. According to the research findings, the first five years in child development are crucial to all future learning and development as the brain develops very rapidly during this period. At age three a child’s brain has already developed to 80% of its adult size with brain connections formed through the interactions, experiences, and relationships the child makes. Therefore the quality of these interactions, experiences, and relationships is essential to a positive development journey. We believe every child has the right to access a quality and positive learning experience in their early years. Our team of professional and passionate educators works closely with children in every step of their early learning journey to support their cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Our learning program will carefully plan and capture each child’s individual interests, we partner with families and work alongside children as they challenge themselves to take risks in their learning, be creative and curious as they solve problems, develop resilience as they persist with new tasks and have the confidence to develop positive and lasting relationships with their peers.

We see everyone in our organization are our children’s learning partners and have a unique opportunity to positively influence their futures.

We promote best practices in our center to nurture children’s wellbeing and support them to fulfill their full potential. We do this by:

  • Setting benchmarks for high-quality practices and sustainable, engaging environments.
  • Building capability and ongoing professional development opportunities for our teachers.
  • Partnering with families to ensure our children feel a sense of belonging.
  • Acknowledging and respecting the diversity of our families and the communities in which they reside.

Our Values

Our organization is bounded by six core values. We make every effort to model our behaviors every day on these values:

Passion - We are enthusiastic and passionate about the role we have in the lives of our children.

Excellence - We pursue excellence in all we do.

Diversity & Inclusion - True excellence requires that each individual be able to work and learn in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion requires each of us to continuously ensure our interactions be respectful, protect free speech and inspire academic freedom.

Partnership - We partner with our families to create high-quality learning and development outcomes for our children.

Recognition - We recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our children, Educators and support team.

Teamwork - All members of the C&H team work together to achieve our shared vision of being the highest quality provider of care and early learning in our community.
Executive Director

Sue Costa

I hold a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and have over 14 years’ experience in the industry. My experience expands working in many roles in the childcare setting with all the age groups including over seven years of experience as a Kindergarten Teacher. Over the last 14 years, I have developed and implemented policies and procedures to enhance the child’s Learning.

It has been always my dream to open and manage my own centre. At KindyTown I am passionate and committed to providing a high-quality learning environment for young children. By working closely with families, local council, government and other support agencies to provide children with best opportunities to become successful, confident Pre- Schoolers. By nurturing and supporting children as they learn at an early age, I endeavour to provide each child the opportunity to become the best that they can