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My name is Jessica Stringer.

I have worked in the child care industry for 15 years. I have had the pleasure of taking on many roles, starting as a room leader and working my way up to director. I have been directing services for the last 10 years and learning new things along the way. 

I personally believe every child is different and unique in their own special way. I believe that all children should have a sense of belong to the world, their environment and community and this is where we as educators can help develop skills with your children on a day to day basis. 




(Centre Director)

(Toddler Room leader)



My name is Nina. 

I am an Indian who was born and brought up in Kenya. I am married with 2 children.

I have Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

I love children and enjoy being around them. I look forward to working with families to provide quality care for all children.







             (Kinder Room Leader)

Gaya is married, and she is a mother of one child. 

Gaya started working at Kindytown at the end of October 2016. Gaya is a qualified educator and holds a Diploma of children service. 

Gaya has previously worked as an assistant in other centers as well as a room leader. 

Gaya likes to be round children and enjoys doing rarious activities with them, that allow them to build on their skills. Activities she enjoys doing with the children include art and craft, sensory activities, and singing and dancing. 

Gaya is passionate about providing quality care and ensuring children feel safe, secure and supported in their environment. 

We offer full time programs, available for all age groups. 

Our child care centre is dedicated to working with children and families to best meet your child’s needs. 

Our Philosophy

At Kindytown Endeavour Hills Early Learning Centre, we believe, that each child be given the opportunity to learn and develop within an environment which is safe, situmulating and inspiring. 


That each child has the opportunity to explore the developmentally appropriate range of experiences based on their individual needs and interests that they choose.


That each child is an individual and should be respected for their unique needs and to be able to progress at their own pace through the stages of early childhood and development. 


That children need a safe, stimulating environment in which to learn, an environment in which they feel secure, accepted, cared for the happy.


That our service be flexible to meet the needs of children, families and the community. Partnerships between families, children and staff supporting each other in the provision of a safe, loving and enriching environment. 


That our grogram should involve a balance of individual and group experiences, indoor and outdoor experiences, to promote awareness of themselves and the world we live in.  This will include the use of manmade, natural and manufactured materials. 


That our programs are educational and rounded to envelope children's whole development. To learn and grow within boundaries that are safe and challenging. 


That children's and family's beliefs are paramount to the development of the child and that we will foster these opinions and enable children to become aware of differences in our cultures.


That all staff play an integral part in the daily lives of our children and will do alll they can to promote and support children's development and give them the opportunity to strive by learning in an environment that is  posotive and nurturing.


Aims and Objectives:

1. Help all children realize their full potential, and extend their skills regardless of gender, race, religion, social origin, disability, gift or talent.

2. Encourage a sense of belonging for children and parents. Where parents are supported in caring for their chidren and their confidentiality and family privacy is respected.

3. Provide a high quality educational program, rich in learning opportunities, designed to suit each individual child and ecourage the growth and development of their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

4. Develop creativity and self-expression throufh art, language, dramatic play and music. Emphasis is on the process of doing and creating, not on the end result. 

5. Encourage children to accept responsibility and develop independence in routine activities. 

6. Encourage children to think for themselves, to make choices, and to problem solve. 

7. Recognize that all children to be acceped, and their differences asknowledged and respected.

8. Maintain a safe and hygienic environment for all people concerned, with clear expectations for children, parents and staffs. 

9. To appoint staff who enjoy working with chidlren and families.

10. For the children to feel welcome and safe in caring environment. 

11. To model and teach children social interaction skills that will help them to respect each other and communicate well with peers. 

12. To establish and maintain links to the community. 











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